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Basketball is Fundamental…

August 9, 2008


My thoughts after reading this…

*Not super exciting, but a nice expose on a “season-in-the-life.”

*Jackson’s a smart guy.

*Professional athletes are ungrateful idiots.  Period.  I mean, the instances to the contrary in this book are scant.  

*Kobe’s as bad (if not worse) as I’d thought all along.  ”Uncoachable,” Jackson says.  Uh, yeah.  

*Shaq’s a funny guy… but he still has no idea that working under an authority would help him.

*THAT’s the big problem with these guys… they think they know best and they act like no one should ever tell them what to do.  Of course arrogance is bred into them — they’ve been told all of their lives they are Superman and Rare Specimens.  But that arrogance makes them losers because they don’t trust anyone to understand them better than they do, themselves.

*I kept thinking that if I were a professional basketball player (just go with me) I would CONSTANTLY be looking at my coach going, “JUST PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.”

*This is PHIL PHREAKING JACKSON and even Dumb Butt Gary Payton doesn’t think to trust the guy.

*Phil lives in a weird world, for sure.  Dating the owner’s daughter, but living a lonely life… just odd.  

*Fun to read about the Zen Master cussing out hecklers and losing his cool.

*I didn’t need more Laker-Hating ammunition, but, well… I read it anyways.  

*Now, WHY did Phil return to this organization?

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