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ROOM Talks

August 13, 2011

Here are all the ROOM talks, from back in the day.  Right-click to download.  Enjoy…

Children and Sons

Marriage 1_The Primary Purpose of Marriage

Marriage 2_ Submit to Mr. Myagi

Marriage 3_ The Faithfulness of God

Marriage 4_ Baloney

The Gospel

God Loves You

Making Decisions

The Tyranny of Self


The Hero’s Journey

Tithing Like a Servant v. Giving Like a Son


Room… What is It_

Fear of Giving

Colossians 1_ A Message for You

Colossians 2_ Drivers Ed and Replanting

Colossians 3_ By Him and For Him

Colossians 4_ Return to the Tree

Colossians 5_ Brussels Sprouts and MandMs

Colossians 6_ Christ in You

Colossians 7_ Chimp in a Cage

Colossians 8_ Agony

Colossians 9_ Desire

Colossians 10_ The Flim-Flam Man

Colossians 11_ Microtrauma

Colossians 12_ White is Their World

Colossians 13_ Rules Don’t Work

Colossians 14_ Anna and the Bog of Forgetfulness

Colossians 15_ Abigail and Nabal

Colossians 16_ Dearly Loved

Colossians 17_ Therefore…

Colossians 18_ Thanks for the Axehead

Colossians 19_ Tribes_ Teach & Warn

Colossians 20_ Why Are There Cheesy Christian Songs In My iTunes_

Colossians 22_ Whales, Birds and Accountants

Colossians 23_ God is a Screenwriter

Colossians 24_ The Message in Three Spheres

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  1. Wes permalink
    August 24, 2011 10:35 am

    Thanks for this!
    The talks there were always an inspiration, how I can share that joy with friends.

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