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Batman Beginners

August 11, 2008

Kids re-enacting the Dark Knight trailer.  I bet that kid who plays the Joker grows up crazy.


The Joy of Nihilism

August 10, 2008

This Newsweek article, an interview with Woody Allen, is a fascinating study in contrasts and self-contradiction.  It’s depressing, for sure… but it’s also enlightening about how an atheistic mind lives in agony.  I really do like Allen’s movies, but this makes me hurt for the little guy.  Makes me pity poor Uncle Morty.

Puppet Morality

August 9, 2008

Pals Bobby & Tim used to record religious TV, just so we could go back later and have a nice laugh.  This was one of their better finds.  It’s about a kiddie birthday party that goes awry when the puppets hit dad’s liquor cabinet.  Bobby summed this up well: puppets can’t ad-lib. (Listen how the boy puppet shoots the wheels off of girl puppet when he says he hopes he gets a Game Boy.)

Basketball is Fundamental…

August 9, 2008


My thoughts after reading this…

*Not super exciting, but a nice expose on a “season-in-the-life.”

*Jackson’s a smart guy.

*Professional athletes are ungrateful idiots.  Period.  I mean, the instances to the contrary in this book are scant.  

*Kobe’s as bad (if not worse) as I’d thought all along.  ”Uncoachable,” Jackson says.  Uh, yeah.  

*Shaq’s a funny guy… but he still has no idea that working under an authority would help him.

*THAT’s the big problem with these guys… they think they know best and they act like no one should ever tell them what to do.  Of course arrogance is bred into them — they’ve been told all of their lives they are Superman and Rare Specimens.  But that arrogance makes them losers because they don’t trust anyone to understand them better than they do, themselves.

*I kept thinking that if I were a professional basketball player (just go with me) I would CONSTANTLY be looking at my coach going, “JUST PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.”

*This is PHIL PHREAKING JACKSON and even Dumb Butt Gary Payton doesn’t think to trust the guy.

*Phil lives in a weird world, for sure.  Dating the owner’s daughter, but living a lonely life… just odd.  

*Fun to read about the Zen Master cussing out hecklers and losing his cool.

*I didn’t need more Laker-Hating ammunition, but, well… I read it anyways.  

*Now, WHY did Phil return to this organization?

Olympic Jef!

August 9, 2008


Apparently, I’m in China.

My good old pal Brad “Titan” Iten found and posted this picture.  He says it’s me.  Who am I to argue?  How do *I* know where I’m at all the time?

Wish me luck as I compete… and pray against SARS!

Reading is FUNdamental…

August 9, 2008


Blew through “Saturday Night: A Brief History of Saturday Night Live” in two days.  Now, sometimes I find that I like bragging about how fast I read books… but I’m starting to realize that it says less about my reading ability and more about my spare time.  But, in this instance, at least, I had MANY hours of flying and lay-over on Saturday, getting to Washington.  So there.

This was, I have to say, a GREAT read.  Bill Simmons’ strong recommendation was dead on.  This was an addictive expose on the first 10 years of SNL… a cautionary tale about Fame (talking about you, Chevy)… and how hard it is to live out a creative vision in a money-driven industry.  

A couple of highlights… 

*My copy is from the library and (as the handwritten note on the cover page states), “Pages 107 through 116 aregone”.

*Someone got VERY passionate reading the book before me.  Here’s a direct quote from the book, and then (in italics) what someone hand-wrote after it…

(re: a sketch about a gooby family from the early seasons) 

The Nerds became so popular that the word nerd was added to some dictionaries.  WRONG!  ’Happy Days’ popularized the word nerd

Perhaps true… but maybe you, Prior Library Book Borrower, popularized the concept.

This same borrower angrily crossed through certain names (sorry, Brian Doyle-Murray and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss… guess s/he had a thing against hyphenates).  I guess that’s why library book records are closely monitored by the federal government.  Hope you enjoyed the book, Mr. Kaczynski!

*Here’s the author’s description of the steady decline of early (black) cast member Garrett Morris, as he succumbed to drug addiction.  Tell me if it doesn’t sound familiar: 

Garrett had apparently been hiding in the phone booth (in the halls of the SNL offices), afraid to come out.  He had developed acute symptoms of paranoia, complete with hallucinations.  He often claimed that an “invisible hypnotist robot” was controlling his actions.  Sometimes he seemed to think it was sitting on his shoulder.

Apparently, Tina Fey had either read this book, or heard these stories, first-hand, when she set about creatingTracey Jordan (Tracey Morgan) for “30 Rock.

Great read.  It’s out of print, but worth tracking down.


August 9, 2008

Here’s a link to the podcast we’ve been doing to accompany Room.  You can listen… if you want.